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MCA Kitchens: Creator of well-being

Cooking, a French way of life

Zones implantation cuisine

We are experts in the design and installation of kitchens.

Our designer will be there, by your side to achieve the best layout in your kitchen area.

Your MCA kitchen will be made to measure according to your wishes and requests.


01/RDV with our Kitchen Designer

Come with your architect's plan or with the dimensions of the space to be fitted out. For this 1st meeting, our designer will produce a preliminary draft of your future kitchen by positioning each area (cooking, washing, cold, work, etc.).

02/Choice of kitchen style

Choice of colours, facade materials, worktop, dining area, household appliances, etc. All the possibilities are available to you, depending on your budget, your designer will be there to advise you on how to create the kitchen of your dreams.

03/Installation of your kitchen

Your designer having provided in advance all the technical plans concerning the installation, our installers will follow his instructions. If additional work was planned (painting, tiling, electricity, plumbing, etc.), these will have been carried out prior to the installation of the furniture.

04/Cleaning the premises

It goes without saying that our installers will leave the premises cleaned and clean. The facades will be dusted, the floors washed and the interior of the furniture vacuumed so that you only have to try out your new kitchen pan in hand.

We design and create the space that fits your lifestyle.


Contemporary Kitchens

The adjective "contemporary" evokes the style of the kitchen, that is to say, it is made from contemporary materials that give clean and shiny surfaces. We will cite stainless steel, transparent glass, brushed aluminum as an example. A contemporary kitchen wants to be rational by using smart storage tips and technical innovations. It is more daring and daring with the bright and sharp colors of its furniture. It likes to show off: its fluid and curved lines reveal its charm and its unstructured and voluminous elements make it very expressive.

Cuisine ARTIS

Designer kitchens

For its part, the designer kitchen does not dwell on these details. It seeks above all to make an impact while remaining original and functional. Here, we will discuss its clean lines, its play of light/shadow contrast and its play of colors. This kitchen style is said to be timeless and marginal because it is neither modern nor traditional.

The modern kitchen also has pure lines while the contemporary, more assertive kitchen shows fluid and curved lines. The layout of the contemporary kitchen takes up more space, because it likes volume, unlike the designer kitchen which gives you more work space by concealing the appliances (both built-in and built-in).


Classic Kitchens

Although classic and country kitchens should not be confused, both kitchen styles have one thing in common: they invite nature into the house. Classic cuisine, also known as traditional cuisine, evokes human warmth, traditions and memories of a time when important family moments took place in the kitchen.

At all levels, the details of the architecture of a classic kitchen are important. The most beautiful kitchens find balance in the architecture and despite the level of detail, guests will not feel overwhelmed.

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